Teachers are the key to our future

With the digitalization and changes in the competence expectations of industry and commerce, the importance of STEM competences is increasingly being emphasized by politicians, business and experts. However, the simple purchase of computers, tablets and Internet access is not enough. Our claim of the initiative "Everyone does STEM" is not to turn children into pure digital consumers, but to become active "doers" and developers of their own ideas! Pupils should acquire appropriate skills and knowledge, such as programming, electronics and the use of modern machines and software, in order to be prepared for the future. Parents' expectations of the teaching they receive from teachers are also increasing.

New STEM teaching tools must fit into the lessons

There are many new products that are designed to improve the teaching of STEM skills. Unfortunately, many providers do not see the challenge for educators: the products must be integrated into the classroom, while the curriculum and its goals must continue to be achieved. Existing teaching materials, such as worksheets, should also be able to continue to be used. Our teaching aids, which we introduce to you on this website, are not toys that are enriched with a little education. They are real teaching aids for the digital age, with which you can learn in a playful way and with joy and interest.

Simple lesson integration - according to the curriculum

With our STEM tools, students can try out the prescribed topics and experiments of the curriculum for themselves and thus gain practical knowledge. Existing materials and worksheets can still be used to consciously record what has been learned in the course of joint reflection on the findings. Thank you very much for your interest in STEM perspectives and extensions for your classroom structure and classroom.

Initiative "Everyone does STEM"

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